Total support for income property usage strategy

In order to meet the diverse needs of company operators and solve the problems they encounter, we propose a wide range of solutions which leverage income property.
Our experienced agents use RayAsset's proprietary know-how to provide custom-tailored service.


Since its foundation, the Race Group has done its utmost to help business proprietors solve their human resource challenges. The Race Group has worked with over 7,000 companies across Japan, and during the course of this work it had many requests for information and consultation regarding real estate. Numerous customers indicated that they were interested in real estate, but lacked the know-how and information needed to make the most of it. In response to this demand, it established RayAsset Inc.

RayAsset's experienced, specialist agents use its nationwide network to find income properties that meet the needs and help solve the problems of business operators, such as business strategy development, asset formation, and effective asset utilization. It provides a one-stop service that covers everything from proposals to negotiations, contract conclusion, and property handover.

It also provides a wide range of information and consultation services regarding the real estate usage-related issues encountered by business operators, such as effectively using real estate for business, securing places to conduct new business activities, and creating new assets.

Representative Director Tabito Okano


Company Name
RayAsset Inc.(
Group establishment
October 1,1997
Tabito Okano
Common Stock
640 million yen ※Group Total
Total Asset
50,700 million yen ※Group Total
Real Estate Brokerage License Governor of Tokyo (2) 95721
Consolidated Sales
31,500 million yen (Oct. 2018 - Sep. 2019 ※Expected)
23,400 million yen (Oct. 2017 - Sep. 2018)
※Group Total
Number of Employees
1,410 ※Group Total
Track Record of Partnership
Over 7,000 companies ※Group Total
Tokyo Square Garden Planta 7, 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokio 104-0031, Japon
Tel. +81-3-6860-5011 Fax. +81-3-6860-5012

Group Offices
Tokyo Headquarters

7F,Tokyo Square Garden, 3-1-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
Tel. +81-3-3275-6600
Osaka Headquarters
36F, Grand Front Osaka Tower-A, 4-20, Ofukacho, Kita-Ku, Osaka, 530-0011, Japan
Tel.+81-6-7657-1491 Fax.+81-6-7657-1492

Nagoya Office
29F, JP Tower Nagoya, 1-1-1, Meieki, Nakamura-Ku, Aichi, 450-6329, Japan
Tel. +81-52-380-1442 Fax. +81-52-380-5572
Fukuoka Office
13F,Nihonseimeihakataekimae Bld., 3-2-1, Hakataeki Mae, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka, 812-0011, Japan
Tel.+81-92-481-2602 Fax. +81-92-481-2603
Sendai Office
3F, Aobadori Plaza Bld., 3-2-1, Chuo, Sendai-shi, Aoba-Ku, Miyagi, 980-0021, Japan
Tel. +81-22-204-7845 Fax. +81-22-204-8537
Okayama Office
5F, Okayama Ekimae Bld., 1-1, Nishikimachi, Kita-Ku, Okayama, 700-0902, Japan
Tel. +81-86-226-2103 Fax. +81-86-226-2104
Sapporo Office
9F, Sapporo Kita1jo Ekimae St. Bld., 3-3-27, Kita1jo-nishi, Sapporo-Shi,Chuo-Ku, Hokkaido, 060-0001, Japan

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Handling of Personal Information

RayAsset Inc. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the paramount importance of the management of all information that includes personal information in all of the Company's business activities. It has established a Personal Information Protection Policy and manages personal information responsibly and appropriately.

Personal Information Protection Policy

RayAsset Inc. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") has defined and vows to implement the following Personal Information Protection Policy as it continues its real estate consulting business and public relations activities. All Company executives and employees work together as one to implement this policy and the Company strives to appropriately protect personal information by requiring that all companies that the Company does business with understand and cooperate with this Personal Information Protection Policy.
1. The Company only utilizes or provides the personal information that it has acquired for the purposes agreed to by the owners of said personal information, and does not utilize or provide it for any other purposes. The Company also implements measures to ensure this. "Personal information" refers to e-mail addresses, IDs, consultation contents, inquiry information, or other information that can be used to identify individuals.
2. The Company takes appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or destruction of personal information and to respond in the event that leakage, loss, or destruction does occur.
3. The Company rapidly responds to any complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.
4. In operating its personal information protection management system for the protection of personal information, the Company complies with all personal information-related laws, national guidelines, and other regulations.
5. The Company has appointed a personal information protection manager and provided him/her with operation and responsibility authority. The Company has built and manages a personal information protection management system. The Company also performs periodic audits to review and revise operation procedures as necessary, and strives to make ongoing improvements.
Complaints, consultations, and inquiries: Personal Information Protection Management Office
Tel: +81-3-6860-5012
e-mail :privacy@
Enacted: March 18, 2013
Revised: January 12, 2017
1. Purpose of use of personal information
RayAsset Inc. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") uses the personal information it collects through its real estate consulting services for the following purposes.
* Contacting real estate owners, intermediaries, etc., when consigned to do so by customers (corporate or individual) desiring real estate consulting.
* Contacting customers
* Accurately handling inquiries from customers
* Operation and transaction related customer contact, service, and management
* Providing information believed to be of value to customers and proposal of other services offered by the Company's group
2. Provision of personal information to third parties
(1) Real estate consulting service
The Company recognizes the great importance of the personal information it is entrusted with by those who visit its website and register, those who contact it by telephone, and those who come to the Company in person (hereafter referred to as "personal information owners") in order to use the Company's real estate consulting services. The Company complies with personal information protection laws and the Company's own Personal Information Protection Policy when handling said personal information, and maintains the confidentiality of said personal information. Personal information may be supplied with the consent of the personal information owner as indicated below. The parties to which personal information is provided conclude personal information agreements with the Company.
* Purpose of supplying of information: Contacting real estate owners, intermediaries, etc., when consigned to do so by clients (corporate or individual)
* Supplied personal information: Name, place of employment, contact information, occupation, position in company, age, work history, etc.
* Means/methods of supplying personal information: Encrypted display on website, directly transferring in printed form, and sending via email in password-protected form
* Types and attributes of organizations to which personal information is provided: Clients (corporate or individual) and their related parties
(2) Provision of personal information to third parties other than the parties indicated in (1)
None of the personal information acquired by the Company will be supplied to third parties except in the following situations.
* When required by law
* When it is necessary to protect people’s (or corporations') lives, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person to whom the personal data belongs
* When there is a special need to do so for the improvement of public health or for the promotion of the healthy rearing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person to whom the personal data belongs
* When cooperation is required for the conducting of legally required duties by the national or local governments, or parties whom they have entrusted with the carrying out of duties, and in which receiving consent from the personal information owner would impede the carrying out of said duties
3. Personal information entrusted to the Company will be used jointly with Company affiliates.
* Purpose of use of personal information by joint use parties
(1) Personnel referral service provision to client companies
(2) Introduction of services offered by other companies in the Company's group
* Jointly used personal information: Name, place of employment, contact information, occupation, position in company, age, work history, etc.
* Method of joint use: Shared via database
* Scope of joint use parties: Group companies in which Race Inc. owns a stake
(see the Company's corporate website for details)
* Party responsible for management of jointly used personal information:
Representative Director Tabito Okano, RayAsset Inc.
4. Consignment of handling of personal information
The Company may consign the use of personal information to a third party only to the extent that it is necessary to do so to conduct business. When doing so, the Company requires that third parties meet sufficient personal information protection standards, will only provide personal information to third parties that have concluded confidentiality agreements, and will only perform consignment within the stipulated usage purpose scope.
5. Voluntary nature of entrusting the Company with personal information and results of decision not to entrust the Company with personal information
The personal information acquired by the Company is all voluntarily supplied. However, if necessary personal information is not acquired, it may present impediments to the procedures and processes carried out by the Company and indicated in the section on the purpose of use of personal information, and may render the Company incapable of providing its services.
6. Notice of purpose of personal information use, disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions, cessation of use, erasure, or cessation of provision to third parties
If personal information owners request a notice of the purpose of the use, disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions, cessation of use, erasure, or cessation of provision of their personal information to third parties, the Company will first confirm the identify of the party making the request by using personally-identifiable personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), and will then handle said request. When a request is received from a proxy, the request will be handled only after confirming the relationship between the proxy and the personal information owner. "Personal information subject to disclosure" refers to the information indicated in "Section 1. Purpose of use of personal information."
■What are cookies?
Cookies are a system utilized by websites for storing information such as the history of communications between a browser and server or input content. This information is stored as a file on the customer's computer. When the same website is accessed again, cookie information is used by the website operator to change what is displayed for the customer on a per-customer basis. When customers have configured their browsers to send and receive cookies, websites acquire cookies from the user's browser. For privacy protection purposes, customers' browsers only send cookies which were sent by the website's server.
■Cookie settings
Customers can configure their browsers' cookie settings to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify the user when receiving cookies, etc. The method used to configure cookie settings varies by browser. Please check the Help menu of your browser for information about how to configure cookie settings.
Please note that configuring your browser to reject all cookies may place limitations on the use of various online services, such as making it impossible to use services which require authentication.
■How we use cookies
The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.
* When customers log into authenticated services, cookies are used to reference saved customer registration information in order to provide customer-tailored services
* Cookies are used to display advertisements optimally tailored to customers while on other websites based on content of interest to customers and the customer's activity history on the Company's site
* Cookies are used to investigate the number of visitors to the Company's website and website traffic information
* Cookies are used to improve the Company's services
* Cookies are used to request that customers re-enter (re-confirm) their passwords after a certain amount of time has passed since their previous use in order to ensure security
The Company has consigned Yahoo! JAPAN to distribute its advertising, and based on this, the Company's cookies may be saved and accessed via Yahoo! JAPAN.
Personal Information Protection Management Office
Revision date: January 12, 2017
RayAsset Inc.
Personal Information Protection Manager: Representative Director Tabito Okano, RayAsset Inc.